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Hair Treatment

PRP Method

The PRP method used by PAI Medical Group clinics is a hair treatment that allows stimulation of the scalp using your own platelet-enriched plasma. This treatment promotes hair growth while avoiding the risk of allergy or rejection because the plasma used in the PRP method is obtained directly from the patient's blood.

This revolutionary method allows to stimulate cell production in hair follicles while maintaining an optimal environment for hair growth.

The cost of this proven treatment will vary depending on the patient. Upon your consultation at a PAI Medical Group clinic, a caring consultant will be able to evaluate the number of treatments required to obtain the desired results. Visit our FAQ to learn more about our PRP treatment costs!

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* Consultation fees : $40.

About the PRP procedure

Before starting the procedure, a blood sample from the patient is collected and centrifuged to separate plasma from red blood cells. The platelet-rich portion is then isolated to be re-injected into the area affected by hair loss.

The PRP method is also used in many other areas such as sports medicine (ligaments and tendons), in dermatology for skin healing of severe burns or any other application requiring an accelerated tissue regeneration.