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Consultation with our hair transplant specialists

Consultation with our hair transplant specialists

From the moment you walk into our clinic for a consultation, you'll know that your decision to find a solution for your hair loss with PAI is the right one. Your confidential consultation with a specialist will provide you with an expert opinion on your specific hair loss. 

A consultation at our clinic

We're here to help you. Our physicians have trained our hair transplant consultants to discuss hair loss, how hair grows and the various options available. During this consultation, we'll determine and explain:

  • if you're a candidate for hair transplantation or if you'd benefit from a hair loss prevention treatment program;
  • your specific goals for your appearance and the review of your hair loss type;
  • the various levels that can be achieved with our hair transplant procedures.

You would like to book a consultation* with one of our hair transplant specialists?

Take an appointment at the nearest clinic:

* Consultation fees : $40.

A 60 minute consultation to identify your needs and find the best solution for your hair loss problem

It will take about an hour of your time. We encourage you to bring your spouse or a friend to help you reach a decision about our company, our procedures, and the artistic expertise of our physicians. You'll be asked to complete a confidential questionnaire about your goals and expectations in finding a solution for your hair loss, and about medications you are taking or allergies you may have. Your hair transplant consultant can show you a video and/or photographs of PAI Medical Group patients. The next step is to meet with your physician to confirm your choice and review the medical aspect of your surgery.