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What is the price of a hair transplant?

The right price for a safe procedure, performed here by experienced surgeons.

The prices for a hair transplant can vary considerably based on several factors. On average, costs can range from $9,800 to $16,500.

Here are factors that influence the price of a hair transplant:

Area to be covered

Desired density

Hair type

Technique used

Amount of pre-existing hair

About Medical Tourism:

In recent years, the phenomenon of medical tourism has grown in the field of hair transplants. While the attractive prices offered by clinics abroad may seem appealing, it is essential to ask the right questions before committing.
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Risks related to infection:

In some hair transplant clinics located outside of Canada, hygiene standards may not be as strict as expected. This can increase the risk of post-operative infections, which can compromise the final result and the overall health of the scalp.
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Difficulties in resolving disputes:

In case of a dispute or dissatisfaction with the hair transplant, it can be challenging to resolve the issue remotely. Differences in legislation, language barriers, and additional costs associated with international disputes can make the process complex and costly.

Lack of continuous medical follow-up:

After a hair transplant, it is crucial to have regular medical follow-up to assess hair growth, address potential complications, and adjust treatment if necessary. This can be difficult if you cannot regularly visit another country for follow-up consultations.
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Variable qualifications of surgeons:

While some surgeons are highly qualified and experienced, there are also less qualified practitioners performing hair transplants. It is crucial to check the qualifications and experience of the surgeon before making a decision.
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Geographical distance:

If you experience complications after the hair transplant, geographical distance can make it difficult to access appropriate medical care in your home country. Complications requiring immediate intervention can be problematic to manage if you are far from home.

Choosing a hair transplant clinic should not only be based on price but rather on patient safety, quality of care, and peace of mind.
This is what we offer at PAI Medical Group.

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We are here for you!

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