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Make the Appointment That Will Change Your Life

Schedule a Consultation with Our Hair Transplant Specialists

From the moment you step into our clinic for a consultation, you’ll know that your decision to find a solution for your hair loss with PAI is the right one. Your confidential consultation with a consultant provides you with a fair and informed assessment of your specific hair loss case.

Why Is an In-Clinic Consultation Necessary?

We are here to assist you. Our doctors have trained our hair transplant consultants to discuss hair loss, the different ways hair grows, and the various available options.

During this 60-minute consultation, we will determine:


Your Candidacy

Are you a candidate for hair transplantation, or can you benefit from a hair loss prevention treatment program?

Your Goals and Situation

What are your specific appearance goals, and what is the extent of your hair loss?

Possible Results

What are the different levels that can be achieved through our hair transplant procedures?

Schedule an Appointment at the Clinic Near You:

Please fill out the following form to schedule a consultation with our hair transplant specialists at the clinic nearest to you. One of our agents will respond promptly. Please note that the in-clinic consultation fee is $50.

    The clinic consultation fee is $50.

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