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Financement pour la greffe de cheveux

Financing solutions available for your hair transplant

You are considering hair transplant as a correction method to your hair loss problem?

PAI Medical Group offers you the possibility of a completely financing your hair transplant to allow you to enjoy your investment all your life.

Hair Transplant Financing Options Available

PAI Medical Group works with financing specialists and thus allows you to enjoy many benefits for the financing of your hair transplant performed in our clinics.

  • Competitive rates
  • Payment terms between 6 months and 5 years
  • High approval rate
  • Variable interest rate according to credit experience
  • Confidentiality assured

In addition, there is the possibility of financing the entire hair transplant. However, it is necessary to deduct the initial deposit given when booking the surgery date.

Hair transplant for men and women is more accessible than you think!

Hair Transplant Procedure

Les étapes de la chirurgie en vidéo

Watch, step-by-step, the hair transplant procedure patented by PAI Medical Group (french only).

Are you a good candidate for hair transplant?

Êtes-vous un bon candidat pour une greffe de cheveux ?

Discover the ideal characteristics of a good candidate for hair transplant (french only).

Hair Transplant for Women

La greffe de cheveux pour les femmes

Our experts are among those with the greatest expertise in treating women hair loss (french only).

La greffe de cheveux, une solution définitive à la calvitie

The solutions available at PAI Medical Group

There are several solutions to your hair loss problem. Don’t hesitate to take an appointment for a consultation with one of our specialists to discuss it.


Get a consultation*

You would like to meet a specialist from PAI Medical Group to discuss possible financing options for a hair transplant performed by our team?

Take an appointment at the nearest clinic:

* Consultation fees : $40.