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MUHG™ Hair Transplant

Patented hair transplant technique

There are several benefits for patients who choose PAI Medical Group and its patented MUHG (Multi-Unit Hair Grafting) technique. Although hair transplant is the most widespread hair restoration procedure, surgeons don’t all use the same method. The technique developed by our experts allows three times more hairs to be transplanted than a typical FUE (Follicular Unit) procedure in the industry. A natural result is thus achieved with significantly fewer procedures.

We achieve this by incorporating a blend of surgical technologies, along with an array of different-size grafts that best fit the individual patient’s needs. This blend allows us to achieve the desired density and natural appearance expected by people today in the fewest visits possible, limiting inconvenience and cost. Book an appointment now for a consultation with our specialists and learn more about what we can do for you.

The benefits of the MUHG™ hair transplant technique

Time and money savings from fewer visits
Meticulous assessment of patients’ past and present situation for a natural-looking result
Safe and practical, thanks to leading-edge facilities and a highly professional medical team
Experienced and meticulous surgeons who take their patients' special needs into account during the hair transplant procedure
Reputation: PAI Medical Group has helped over 11,000 men and women affected by hair loss on the scalp, eyebrows and beard.
Maximize results with the MUHG™ hair transplant technique, which allows for the transplant of a much larger number of grafts.
Virtually invisible visual signs or scars

MUHG™: Superior to other traditional techniques

The patented MUHG hair transplant technique from PAI Medical Group stands out from traditional techniques like Follicular Unit Transplant (FU) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) thanks to its much appreciated benefits. Some people just can’t gain access to a hair transplant service with traditional techniques; the MUHG™ hair transplant technique gives the largest number of people an opportunity for hair treatment. Furthermore, with PAI Medical Group transplant procedures, patients don’t require fixed bandages following the procedure. They can thus enjoy a feeling of freedom and immediately see the short hair they received from the transplant.


Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™


Follicular Unit Grafting


Follicular Unit Extraction
Maximizes hair volume per procedure
Results in a natural appearance
Ideal for people with advanced hair loss
Ideal for those with significant and moderate hair loss
Ideal for those with thin hair
Less costly per hair transplanted
Destruction of hairs during transplantation

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