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Soins des cheveux en hiver

Protect your hair from winter’s cold damages and whims.

While it’s true that in summer you need to protect your hair from various factors that can affect its health, the winter season can also damage your hair. As prevention is always better than cure, here are some tips that Groupe Médical PAI invites you to consider!

When Hair Changes with the Seasons...

While many people associate winter with dry, chapped skin, hair tends to become greasier more quickly. Don’t worry; this phenomenon is entirely normal!

During the winter, our scalp actually produces more sebum in response to the cold outdoor temperatures. It’s this increased sebum production that makes hair appear “greasier” in winter.


To prevent your hair from becoming "greasy" more quickly than necessary, try washing it with lukewarm water rather than hot water and avoid unnecessary scalp massages, as both actions lead to higher sebum secretion!

How to Protect Your Hair During the Winter Months?

How to Protect Your Hair During the Winter Months? Cold winds, freezing temperatures, and lack of humidity indoors are all climatic factors that will impact the appearance of your hair throughout the winter. These climate changes primarily affect the hair cuticles and can easily lead to increased hair loss if not properly cared for. Remember that the natural hair cycle means you lose more hair in autumn…

Here are 5 tips to maintain healthy hair in winter:

1 - Shampoo, conditioner, mask

If you care about your hair's health, it's best to invest in high-quality hair products, without parabens, sulfates, or silicones, regardless of the season. However, in winter, hair products specially designed to hydrate your hair are ideal!

2 - Brushing

The keyword is gentleness! To avoid damaging your hair cuticles, the protective layer of your hair, opt for a wide-tooth wooden comb or a soft bristle brush.

3 - Hairdryer, curling iron, straightener

While the excessive heat from these appliances damages your hair cuticles, the impact of cold on wet hair is not better. If you don't have time to air-dry your hair before going out, try using a low-temperature setting to dry them. As for the straightener or curling iron, use a protective balm before styling.

4 - Styling Products

The best option to add volume to your hair is styling mousse (if needed!). High-quality mousses are much less harmful to the cuticles and do not clog the hair as gels and waxes do, while being easier to wash out. They may also contain moisturizing ingredients and vitamins!

5 - Hats and Caps

Be careful! While your favorite hat keeps your ears warm, it can cause hair imbalances. If your scalp doesn't breathe enough, sweat and sebum may mix, making your hair appear "greasy," while the hair sticking out from under the hat will become drier and exposed to the cold. To remedy this, choose materials made of natural fibers and tuck your hair under the hat.

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