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Hair transplant: The best solution to your hair loss

PAI hair transplant clinics are located throughout North America and offer a range of hair care services including hair transplantation through our exclusive procedure MUHG™, hair transplant and low level laser treatment (LLLT). PAI specializes in natural solutions for all types of hair loss problems. The PAI team wants you to be completely satisfied with your experience and the trust you have placed in us. Our goal is to satisfy your needs, your expectations and provide you with the new look and the image you want.

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Hair Transplant, a definitive solution to Hair loss

PAI Medical Group

Discover why PAI Medical Group stands out from other clinics practicing hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Procedure

Watch, step-by-step, the hair transplant procedure patented by PAI Medical Group (french only).

Hair Loss Prevention

Our preventive solutions against hair loss are simple, effective and safe.

Hair Transplant Procedure

When properly planned, this medical procedure is designed to minimize the long term visual progressive signs of hair loss for both men and women.

We achieve this by incorporating a mix of surgical technologies, with a range of hair and grafts of different sizes depending on what best suits the patient's individual needs. This technique provides the desire density and the natural appearance expected by the patient, with the fewest visits possible to limit the inconvenience and the investment.

Multi-unit hair grafting™ involves the transfer of follicles as they are found in natural groupings. These groups are used to create a natural forhead that is consistent with the patient's age. This process is only limited by the density and quality of hair in the patient's donor area, the extreme contrast between the hair and scalp color, texture and fine hair. The grafts are inserted into small incisions that are strategically designed to improve the density of your existing hair and cover the thinning areas.

Hair Transplant Procedure

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